An innovative support program to fight Alzheimer's disease

"France Alzheimer 92"

Laurent did not want to find himself in a too passive activity, he loves coming to play to table tennis.

"Nicole, caregiver"


This ping-pong practice is very beneficial, both cognitively and thymically.

"Pr. Claire Paquet - Head of Service of the Center for Cognitive Neurology"

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Cognitive stimulation

According to several studies, table tennis is the sport that most stimulates the cognitive system, and in particular the hippocampus area which is one of the first victims of Alzheimer's disease.


One of the strengths of this program is the inclusion of patients in sports structures, the heart of the practice takes place in a table tennis club. Caregivers can join the group as well. This inclusive practice plays a key role in looking at the disease.

Sports practice

Access to table tennis is made in a fun way. This physical activity helps to better oxygenate the brain, improves appetite and sleep. Part of the session is intended to improve balance, in order to delay the loss of autonomy as much as possible.